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What We Do

Unable to manually meet precision requirements?

Concerned about safety issues?

Challenged meeting production demands?

Battling persistent quality issues?

Needing to track and document production accurately in real time?

Have a challenge that cannot be solved economically?


A yes to any of these questions suggest that we are the solutions provider for you. Our team of experienced and dedicated designers, programmers and builders can quickly provide a solution for your needs. For over forty years*, CenArk Controls has provided cost effective manufacturing solutions to multiple industries worldwide. With experience, ingenuity, and total commitment to our clients we guarantee our results to meet or exceed the client’s expectations.

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How We Do It


At CenArk Controls we believe in the solutions provider business model. This requires us to approach our business differently. Instead of representing a fixed line card or limiting ourselves to a handful of technologies, we focus on the challenge to determine the optimum solution. 

Combining this approach with our experience from multiple industries, we often provide turnkey solutions that are much more affordable and (most importantly) profitable than our competitors.

Phase 2: Concept

  This is the creative phase. The CenArk team will meet internally to discuss the client’s needs and develop a concept with the goal of exceeding their objectives. Multiple approaches are reviewed, using concepts and technologies from different industries until the optimum concept is found. Having the thoughtful input of designers, programmers and electricians allows for a fully balanced solution that integrates seamlessly into the client’s operations.

The concept is then rendered into a three-dimension (3D) representation to insure its validity. At this point an initial machine specification is written that outlines the complete objective of the solution to insure the client and CenArk are in total agreement on the methodology.

Phase 4: Development

 During this phase the actual solution is manufactured, including:

Mechanical Details






CenArk provides regular updates including: scheduling, drawings as well as installation requirements.

Phase 1: Challenge Analysis

 A CenArk engineer will meet with the client to review their needs. The consideration of the project’s:




are thoroughly reviewed. The result is an understanding of the true challenge which in some cases is not what the client had expected**. With the goal clearly defined the project proceeds to concept.

**Please see some of our case studies on the Case Studies download page. 

Phase 3: Review

 During the review, the presentation of the concept is provided to the client. With the prepared specification and conceptual models, the client is able to visualize the proposed solution. Any concerns raised by the client are reviewed and the concept updated as necessary.

After the client agrees on the proposed concept, CenArk will provide a full quotation for the completion of the project, including guaranteed delivery, items to be included; i.e. schematics, programming, drawings, spare parts, etc. 

Up until this point, all services provided by CenArk are free of charge and with no obligation to the client. If the project proceeds, the cost is fixed with no surprises.

Phase 5: Implementation

This is the final phase in which the solution is installed at the client’s facility. Final training, documentation and qualification runs are provided. Once the client is satisfied, the project is signed off as complete and the project is closed. 

At CenArk Controls we follow the Solutions Cyclesm for every project, regardless if it is a simple fixture or a fully automated system. This insures the client’s needs are met while allowing us to deliver the most economical solution possible. 

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SOLUTIONS CYCLE  is a registered service mark of CenArk Controls, LLC.

Additional Information

CenArk Controls is your local Opto 22 Distributor.

Opto 22 has been a leader in automation for decades.

With over 100 installations worldwide,   CenArk has successfully integrated this technology into multiple applications.

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