"Processes Controlled are Profitable Processes."

"Processes Controlled are Profitable Processes."

"Processes Controlled are Profitable Processes.""Processes Controlled are Profitable Processes.""Processes Controlled are Profitable Processes."

Serving the manufacturing industry since 1976.

on machine upgrades

"Often the reduced expense of an upgrade makes a replacement machine unnecessary, and the cost of doing nothing unthinkable."

Jeff Stewart

Engineering Project Leader

Eaton Hydraulics

Regain Your Market Share

Automation made simple.

Businesses are facing competition, pricing pressures and quality demands never thought of before.

They will often integrate process improvements without a guaranteed return on their investment (ROI), while their market share and profits degrade. Everyone at CenArk understands this dilemma. Working together , CenArk and our clients are able to approach these challenges, creating simple and sustainable solutions that keep them competitive, profitable and safe working environments.



Are you concerned about the current safety conditions of your facility, or worse have you already had a lost time accident?

Increasing Cost

Are you experience a drain in your cash flow from increased material, labor, tariff or transportation cost?

Precision and Quality Requirement

Has the scale and quality requirements of your products beyond your current process capabilities?

Production Demands

Are your production demands straining your current process and workforce?

Saving Jobs

Is there  a concern that your production may be in jeopardy, eliminating jobs?

Business Valuation

Are you concerned at the reduced valuation of your business as your output can no longer meet demand profitably?

do you know when you must automate?

The Six Reasons to Automate ©

With this guide, we explain the core reasons to add automation to any portion of your process. 

There are only six reasons. Click the image to download this free guide to find out more.

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"My design teams have worked with CenArk on multiple international multi-million dollar projects.  It was amazing to watch them take our inputs and requests and quickly turn them into automated manufacturing concepts and proposals.  The CenArk team then turned those concepts into elegant, versatile, robust production lines.  CenArk has a powerful combination of wide ranging experience and intuitive forethought that come together to generate creative, cost-efficient solutions to ever changing demands.  They tell it like it is.  If they tell you it can be done, you can trust them." 

Joseph  Dempsey, MBA  

Prior: Product Design Engineering Manager, Molex, Inc.

Currently: Flight Controller for the International Space Station    

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