About Us

history of cenark controls.

Our Origins


Tracing its roots back to 1976, CenArk Controls was and will always be client driven. Originally founded as Southwest Hydraulics the company was focused on serving the hydraulic and pneumatic needs of the agricultural industry in the south central/south western United States.

 We will not be the largest. We will be the best.” 


The focus of the business is still service. The original team members spent countless hours traveling and servicing the hydraulics of farmers, gin and feed mill operators. The hours were grueling, but the strategy worked. By 1988, Southwest Hydraulics was a leader is their industry with 48 full time employees. This was only possible by focusing on the client first.

 “A service without long term value is a disservice.” 


Over time our client’s needs changed, and we evolved to better serve them. The hydraulic systems were replaced with state-of-the-art controls. Clients were needing assistance with additional technologies and we answered the call.

 “Our client relationships are long term.” 


In 2012, Southwest Hydraulics introduced advanced digital control systems to our clients. This was the next step in the evolution of the industry and Southwest lead the way. Older field equipment was upgraded. New control platforms were introduced, reducing downtime while providing previously unimaginable abilities to track and maintain remote systems. Our clients’ business profited from all these improvements.  In early 2017 discussions began for a succession plan. Our original founders had built a long term “client success” based business and focused on building a core team. This process was completed in late 2017 and CenArk Controls was born.

 “If our client is not successful, then we are not successful.” 

CenArk continues to service clients in the agricultural industry as well as electronics manufacturing, material handling, product testing, high speed terminations, the industrial internet of things (IIOT), custom software, and custom system development. 

 “If we cannot fulfill the client’s needs, we will find someone who can.” 

Strategic partnerships were formed with trusted firms to allow a seamless integration for our clients while expanding our capabilities. Our clients are not expected to manage projects requiring electrical, mechanical and programming systems. CenArk provides all these services, allowing our clients to focus on their business.

 “Our clients should focus on their business. We find solutions.” 

 Today CenArk Controls serves clients in multiple industries on four continents, providing industrial automation, tooling, controls and support solutions with guaranteed results.  

 “We guarantee the outcome. If we fail to meet the client’s expectations, they owe us nothing.” 

Some of Our Clients