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Precision Machining and Tooling

Precision Machining and Tooling


"Old doesn't mean obsolete."

Businesses are constantly struggling with the maintenance and update of their facilities control systems. These could be simple updates for new product integrations to completely new systems for process monitoring, machine control and data acquisition.

We understand this challenge.

New equipment may need controls added or integrated into existing systems.

Older equipment may need upgrading.

Complete retrofits may be required.

As an authorized Opto 22 integrator and distributor, we can solve most challenges quickly with exceptional pricing. OEM and annual volume discounts are available and stocking services can be provided for oyur high volume Opto 22 needs.

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Precision Machining and Tooling

Precision Machining and Tooling

Precision Machining and Tooling


"Businesses are facing a custom tooling crisis."

We noticed it in the mid 90’s and the situation has gotten worse. The number of experienced tool makers has reduced dramatically, leaving businesses to struggle with getting quality parts fabricated on time. 

“The U.S endured a 36% drop in  the number of tool and die shops between 1998 and 2010.” AmericanMachinist.com

We have had the same problem, receiving low quality, over priced tooling that was often late. Fortunately after years of dealing with this challenge, we found and partnered with an exceptional tool shop, providing affordable, quality precision tooling with timely delivery guaranteed.

The difference can be a successful project completion instead of excessive rework and late project completion.

* Engineering design services for obsolete parts is also available.

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Industrial Control Panels

Precision Machining and Tooling

Industrial Control Panels

Get more information on custom control panel builds and retrofits/upgrades.

"Are you  control panels late or incomplete?"

This is a common problem in most production environments. Projects have deadlines and late deliveries affect productivity.

We have experienced this as well and that is why we made the substantial investment in developing our own panel shop.

From small single cabinets to larger multi-panel systems, we can provide control cabinets quickly and accurately, meeting your timelines and schematics.

"Schematic development services are also available for rush jobs."

Some examples of our previous cabinet builds include:

Robotic control systems.

Refrigeration controls systems (multi-panel).

Semi-automatic control panel.

Fully automatic control panels.

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“CenArk has worked with us on two projects since 2016. Their insights into how to improve the performance and cycle time of the machines’ operation were instrumental in getting the projects completed and delivered. Their interactions with the China Engineers that receive the equipment was also a key factor in getting the equipment into production. CenArk is a very perceptive and experienced engineering team, I highly recommend contacting them for your specific engineering needs.”


Bruce Nockton

General Manager

Robat, UK

Manchester, England