Control Panels

Our Core Business

Control panels are our core business. We take great pride in the on time delivery of well built, easy to maintain and documented panels.

We can complete/upgrade your current panels. Retrofit legacy panels as well as provide complete turn-key systems delivered and installed to exceed your demands. 

All panels are delivered with the complete bill of materials (BOM), schematics, footprint prints and 3D models.

All work is guaranteed to meet or exceed your expectations.

Panel Upgrades and Documentation

Old is not bad. With simple upgrades to key components, older machines can provide useful service for years to come.

It is not uncommon for the documentation of older equipment to be lost or obsolete from changes over time. Our team can come to your facility and completely update all of the equipment's documentation, making the future maintenance and upgrades of the equipment less expensive and more efficient.

Volume Pricing

For customers needing multiple copies of a panel, CenArk Controls can provide volume discounts. With the engineering work completed with the first unit, the addition panels can be reproduced much more quickly and at a better price to the customer.