Machine Vision

Machine vision

Needing Machine Vision

Are you needing a comprehensive review of your process to see if machine vision is appropriate?

A common misconception is that machine vision can solve all problem. This is not true. It is a powerful tool that when used correctly can save you money while improving your quality.

However, it is limited to the natural lighting and conditions of your processes. CenArk can review your needs and provide you with a free analysis of what could and could not work. We don't commit unless we know the system can exceed your requirements.

Standardized Equipment

The goal at CenArk is to make you more productive. This includes providing you with the tools and training needed to be an independent success. 

This is why we typically use standardized equipment such as Cognex and Keyence vision systems.

Each is readily available world wide reducing the customers need for our support.

Custom Systems

On rare occassions we have provided customs systems with custom code and processor technologies.

Do you have and Intellectual Property (IP) concern?

We can help.

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