Micro-Resistance Welding

Micro resistance welding design, support and implementation.


The CenArk team has developed and integrated resistance welding systems in Europe, North America, South America, and Asia. More are in development.

These systems are currently producing an excess of 120 million terminations annually.

Experience counts when you have a difficult application and tight deadline.

Combined Technologies

Resistance welding, Parallel Resistance Gap Soldering (PGRS), laser re-flow, stranded wire compaction and hot bar soldering are just a few of the systems currently in deployed.

Automatic and Semi-Automatic Welding Systems

Are you needing a low volume system that can be manually operated? 

Or are you needing a medium volume step and repeat system or possibly a fully automatic system? 

Our team has done it all.


Does your team truly understand how resistance welding works? 

Where to begin? 

What equipment is needed? 

How do design electrodes for your application?

Material Selection?

The CenArk team can provide comprehensive training so your business doesn't rely on others to develop your processes. It is possible to have an internal team that can develop these systems, saving thousands of dollars.

Training is available online, in house at the CenArk training facility* or your facility.

* For larger groups training will be provided at area conference centers, saving time and money.

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CenArk Controls testimonials.

From America's Premiere Welding Expert


“I have worked with CenArk for over six years to develop laser and resistance welding production processes for joining miniature precision metal components.  They are the very few automation engineers that understands the importance of first developing a viable joining process before heavily investing in automation equipment design and fabrication.  Their insistence on following this basic approach to automation design produces a reliable automated manufacturing process that minimizes development time and costly redesign.” 

David Steinmeire

microJoining Solutions

Arcadia, CA USA