CenArk Controls and Opto 22

Opto 22 product distributor and support.

Authorized Distributor

CenArk Controls is an authorized distributor for the complete line of Opto 22 products. This includes the legacy G4 series as well as the newest SNAP, Energy Monitoring Units (EMU), and Groov and now the EPIC! (Edge Programmable industrial Controller).

We keep a healthy inventory of products on hand and can quickly provide you with the components you need.


Unlike many distributors, the CenArk staff has years of hands on integration experience using the Opto 22 products and can provide local support and service for your integrations. You no longer need to rely on remote suppliers for your Opto 22 questions and support. 

We are local.

Some of the industries that we have integrated the Opto 22 products, includes:

     Material Handling.

     Electronics Manufacturing.

     High Voltage Transformer Manufacturing.

     Wire Processing Industries.

     Microjoining Industries.

     Food Preparation Industries.

     Gas and Oil Industries.

     and more.

Design/Programming Services

Do you need assistance in designing your Opto 22 control system? Let our staff assist you in the specification of the right components for your application, saving you time and money.

CenArk Controls also offers a complete programming service for your Opto 22 applications. We can complete/update your existing systems as well as program completely new systems to meet your needs,

A control system out of service is more expensive than a robust and operational system. Contact us for any assistance that you may need.


CenArk Controls offers the entire Opto 22 line at very competitive pricing. Volume discounts are available as well as reduced shipping cost. 

Our being local matters.

Emergency Services

Every facility encounters unexpected challenges. These can result from electrical outages, storms, facilities problems and many more unforeseen issues.

At CenArk Controls, we understand the nature of business and have developed a rapid response service. We can provide rapid support hotshot services to quickly deliver the components that you need.

contact us for your Opto 22 needs

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