Central Arkansas Infrared Thermal Imaging


CenArk Controls provides a full line of thermal imaging services.  Whether it is residential, commercial or industrial we can provide a fast analysis of your structure or facility and provide valuable insight on reducing utility cost as well as reduce fire and safety hazards.

Reduce Home Utility Cost

Does your home have drafts or cold/hot spots? 

Do they change by season?

The source of these issues can easily be found using thermal imaging and CenArk Controls can provide a full Infrared survey of your home with a full report on issues found.

Reduce Business Expenses

Business's are often susceptible to energy loss, whether from door gaps, poorly sealed utility access or from loose or under rated electrical systems.

These can quickly add up to large utlity bills and lost profits.

CenArk can provide a full Level 1 IR survey of your facility with detailed reports on issues found.*

*CenArk Controls does not offer facility repair services or estimates. 

Correct Electrical Cabinet and Machine Issues

It is not uncommon for electrical panels or industrial equipment to develop weak or loose connections. Underrated wiring and components can also add to this problem.

Thermal imaging can provide a fast and safe way to review the condition of your equipment's operation and provide straight forward methods of correcting the issues.

A loose electrical connection in your equipment is similar to a leak in a water line. You get no benefit but pay for it with every utility payment.

We can help!

Fully Certified

CenArk Controls offers a fully certified Level 1 Infrared Survey Inspection Service and can provide a full report of your current condition as well as provide suggestions on reducing your utility and safety concerns.

The US Department of Energy encourages homeowners to have thermal energy surveys*

* The US Department of Energy does not endorse any non-governmental agency. This link is provided for informational purposes only.

Infrared Survey Reports

Click the links below to view sample reports of Infrared Moisture and Energy Loss Surveys.

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